Equipment Services

ATEL Equipment Services (“AES”) manages ATEL Leasing Corporation’s portfolio. AES is comprised of professionals with an in-depth knowledge of many asset types combined with the seasoned expertise that comes from managing assets for over thirty-five years. We develop and retain our own staff, which is an important aspect of our success. Having equipment experts as part of our team permits us to make informed decisions regarding every aspect of a transaction. This advantage is reflected in our pricing and allows ATEL to compete effectively against some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

We currently manage a diverse portfolio of assets including plant and manufacturing equipment, machine tools, material handling, transportation, marine, semi-conductors and other equipment types. AES provides asset management including inspections, certified appraisals, equipment sales, recovery services and lessee negotiations. Our experts work closely with clients to design a strategy tailored to meet specific goals and objectives.

AES asset managers maintain constant contact with secondary market makers and industry experts in order to obtain valuable insight into current equipment values, industry trends and economic developments. In addition, our asset managers continuously receive advanced training, attend conferences and trade shows, and obtain direct equipment knowledge through field research and physical inspections of the assets.

AES also offers re-marketing services to our lessees, equipment users, manufacturers, and other third parties that wish to sell used equipment in a competitive market. Our primary focus is to maximize investors and customers economic returns through encouraging lease extensions whenever possible.

As a full-service asset management company, we are proud of our level of integrity, valuation credibility and proven due diligence to the industry. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining more information on our asset management capabilities.

Additional Services

ATEL Equipment additionaly includes:

  • Equipment Remarketing
  • Equipment Liquidation
  • Equipment Valuation
  • Consulting / Advisory Services

Tom Monroe

Senior Vice President

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