ARYx Therapeutics, Inc.

ARYx Therapeutics, Inc. is a privately held biopharmaceutical company based in Santa Clara, California. ARYx develops new pharmaceuticals based on its retrometabolic design platform (ARMTM). Products are conceived around well validated targets, using therapeutic agents with well characterized structure-activity relationships. The retrometabolic design method produces inherently safer drugs. ARYx has a broad portfolio of products and intellectual property within multiple therapeutic areas.

The Product

ARYx Therapeutics, Inc. has developed a proprietary position within the field of retro-metabolic drug design. ARYx's particular competitive edge is the know-how of where to place biologically labile bonds in chemical structures in order to minimize drug toxicity while maintaining or enhancing activity and potency.

Current Investors/Backers

ARYx Therapeutics, Inc. has raised more than $25MM and is backed by a group of investors led by MPM Capital. Other investors include OrbiMed Advisors and Merlin BioMed Group.

Venture Fund Commitment

The Fund has provided ARYx Therapeutics, Inc. with a lease line facility. The purpose of the line will be to acquire equipment used to conduct research and development.


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