Booster Fuels, Inc.

San Mateo, CA based Booster Fuels, Inc.’s mission is to eliminate the need to go to the gas station for everyone, without charging more than regular gas station pump prices.  It has developed an online application akin to Uber’s but instead of ordering a ride you as a busy car owner that does not want to drive around possibly for miles getting to, or then be spending time in line at, a gas station can get your vehicle’s fuel tank filled up where it is parked with either regular unleaded or premium gas unleaded gasoline up by a refueling truck that comes to where the car is parked. 

Current Investors/Backers

The company has had two rounds of venture capital equity to date totaling $12.6 MM with investment from well established and major venture capital firms Madrona Venture Group and RRE Ventures (both established 20 years or more and having over $1 BN in AUM), with the last round being led by the established Maveron Venture Group.

Venture Fund Commitment

ATEL Ventures, Inc. has provided Booster Fuel, Inc. with an equipment financing line.

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