Katerra, Inc.

Co founded in 2014 by Michael Marks, the former Chairman and CEO of contract electronics OEM Flextronics and Fritz Wolff, CEO and General Partner of The Wolff Company, a major nationwide developer of multi-residential housing, Katerra is attempting to bring to the inefficient and fragmented housing construction market the efficiencies and cost and time savings that firms such as Flextronics and Foxconn have developed in the electronic device market.  Katerra seeks to do this by:

  1. Katerra disintermediating general contractors, their sub-contractors, and material suppliers with a turnkey building solution.
  2. Provide architectural design and engineering savings, specifies and sources all the materials for a project, thus reducing the cost for the project.
  3. Optimizing the project’s schedule and hires and trains trade workers to install Katerra’s building components and modules according to Katerra guidelines.
  4. Katerra arranges for the delivery of all the materials and components, optimized for design, cost, delivery, and installation.
  5. Building components are assembled in global campuses
Current Investors/Backers

Investors include co-founders Michael Marks and Fritz Wolff and Foxconn’s investment subsidiary.

Venture Fund Commitment

ATEL Ventures, Inc. has provided Katerra with an equipment financing line.

For more information on Katerra, Inc.  please visit their web site at www.katerra.com


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