Sensity Systems

Sunnyvale, CA based, Sensity Systems, is transforming traditional outdoor lighting into an IoT (Internet of Things) sensor network by capitalizing on the global transition to LED lighting. Sensity enables light owners to benefit from the LED conversion process by embedding sensing and networking technology within both existing and new LED lighting fixtures. There are over 4 billion outdoor lights around the globe. By taking advantage of the worldwide, outdoor lighting upgrade to LED’s, Sensity is working to build a global sensor network using existing infrastructure to deliver both energy-efficient lighting and a real-time, global database of information that allows customers to manage and understand their physical environment to enable greater productivity, efficiency, and security. Cities worldwide are expected to replace over 50 million aging fixtures with LEDs over the next few years, according to the New York Times. This presents a vast market opportunity for Sensity to transform these existing light fixtures into wifi-connected, environmental-sensing network systems. Sensity has created a high-speed, sensor-based, multi-service, open networking platform known as a Light Sensory Network (LSN). The company’s flagship product, NetSense, provides a next-generation platform for a variety of applications and services to be provided over its Light Sensory Network. The NetSense platform transforms LED light fixtures into sensor-equipped, smart devices capable of capturing and transmitting real-time data, from advanced lighting management, to security, parking and location analytics. By embedding networking technology and sensors within LED fixtures, Sensity uses energy-efficient LED lighting as the foundation for its NetSense platform. By working closely with developers of software applications and services that run on its networking platform, Sensity enables facility and municipal lighting owners to link energy efficiency and cost savings to the improvement of goals as diverse as public safety, parking control, asset management, and retail analytics.

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