Zeevo, Inc.

Zeevo, Inc. is a fast growing, privately held, fabless semiconductor company focused on "system-on-a-chip" (SoC) solutions for the communications industry. Founded September 1999 in Silicon Valley by industry veterans, Zeevo produces highly integrated, complex, yet "digital looking" chips using standard CMOS process technology. Their advanced solutions include RF, Analog, Digital Baseband, and Memory on a single chip, which reduces the implementation bill of materials for radio solutions and eliminates the cost barrier to implementing wireless connectivity in consumer devices such as PDAs, digital cameras, PCs, laptops, printers, and consumer appliances.

The Product

Zeevo enables personal wireless connectivity for computing and telecommunication devices that are in use today. Current solutions require connected devices to be linked with a cable to make file transfers and exchange other data. Cable solutions are often complicated since each device has specific protocol and interface requirements as well as special configuration software. Zeevo's solutions provide a low cost, simple means of eliminating cables using a short-range radio link called Bluetooth.

Updating the directory on a cell phone is a practical example. Today, most people must manually enter the names and phone numbers. With Zeevo's Bluetooth solution, however, this could happen automatically as soon as the phone comes within range of your Bluetooth-enabled PC. You could also easily update your calendar, "to do" lists, and emails. These are just some of the timesaving applications. This degree of connectivity will be integrated into many applications in the near future: in homes and offices, in cars, and at hotels and airports.

Current Investors/Backers

Zeevo, Inc. has raised nearly $46 million in venture capital in three rounds of convertible preferred equity to date. Sequoia Capital, one of the oldest names in the venture capital industry, has invested in all three rounds. Focus Ventures (previously Charter Growth Capital), another long time venture capital firm, has invested along with other large investors Raza Venture Fund, Capital Research and Management, a manager of large institutional investor funds and Dell Ventures, who led the latest round.

Venture Fund Commitment

The Fund has provided Zeevo, Inc. with a lease-line. The purpose of the line will be to acquire equipment used to expand the infrastructure of the company.


Zeevo, Inc. has been acquired by Broadcom Corporation.
For more information, please visit their web site at www.broadcom.com


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