ATEL Leasing Corporation Announces Transaction with Bayer

ATEL Leasing Corporation (“ATEL”) is proud to announce the completion of a
lease transaction with Bayer Corporation. The lease transaction calls for
ATEL to supply Bayer with a variety of business-necessary equipment
including those used in laboratory testing. The $5 million of equipment
ATEL is leasing Bayer will be used by Bayer’s consumer health division, At
HealthCare, in their research and development efforts.ATEL Capital Group President and CEO Dean Cash states “Bayer Corporation
continues to be one of our most valued customers. ATEL has the right mix of
resources to provide timely capital for corporations such as Bayer and we
look forward to working with them again in the future.”Bayer is a world renowned innovation company that has been in business for
over 150 years. Their products, research, and development addresses
challenges such as population growth, an aging society, and producing
sustainable natural resources. Bayer employs over 100,000 professionals
world-wide and reports first quarter earnings up 14.8% in their At
HealthCare division.