ATEL Leasing Corporation

Financing The Equipment That Fuels Our Economy

ATEL Leasing Corporation (“ALC”) excels at providing equipment financing solutions to the world’s largest companies. We lease a wide range of equipment including transportation, construction, manufacturing, mining, healthcare, and energy production assets. ATEL’s customer base is primarily investment-grade companies. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to execute complex transactions quickly and assist our valued customers with their long-term equipment financing plans. We specialize in true, tax advantaged leases which satisfy both the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the International Accounting Standards Board. Each customer is unique and ALC responds accordingly. We design leases to reflect our customer’s priorities; whether it be balance sheet considerations, lowering payments, monetizing assets, preserving cash, or optimizing either operating or capital budgets. ALC deploys account teams that are customer centric and able to provide maximum flexibility while delivering value pricing. ALC works closely with our customers to upgrade, terminate, sublease, or renew leased equipment. Headquartered in San Francisco with regional offices throughout the United States, ALC provides our customers with exceptional service and responsiveness.