Capital Markets

The ATEL Capital Markets team acquires equipment finance transactions from other financial institutions. In addition, we sell transactions to manage current investment objectives, such as credit exposure, lease term, industry concentrations, and asset class

We purchase existing or newly generated leasing transactions from financial institutions and independent leasing companies based on the following:

  • Existing Leases - Seller can recognize current income and cash flow from the sale of future rentals and residuals. Frees up credit and residual exposure to their Lessees.
  • New Leases - Arranger can recognize fee income from sale and free up room for additional volume with current customer.
  • Allows ATEL to acquire desirable assets, subject to lease.

Sale of existing Fund leases:

  • Reduces credit and residual exposure to current lessees while maintaining and controlling the relationship.
  • Provides for leveling of fund distributions.

Bill Bullock

Senior Vice President

(415) 616-3493