Designing a real estate portfolio for income and growth.

ATEL Properties, LLC. is a direct subsidiary of ATEL Capital Group ("ATEL"), a multinational asset management company based in San Francisco. Since 1977, ATEL has priced, structured, arranged and acquired a large diversified portfolio of assets, valued at original cost.

ATEL Properties and its affiliates acquire real estate to bring asset diversification and consistently strong returns to its parent company. We leverage the extensive resources of ATEL to identify, analyze and aggressively pursue commercial and multi-family properties that fit our investment profile. A dedicated team of acquisitions, legal, and finance experts provides us with a level of sophistication and purchasing power unique to our targeted asset size.

Investment Profile

Through a committed investment strategy, we invest with a long-term view of creating shareholder value. This includes investing in and financing single-tenant, net-lease assets with primarily long-term leases in well-located and growing markets or markets that are critical to the tenant's business. We pursue build-to-suit projects, sale-lease back transactions and acquisition opportunities that we believe provide an attractive current yield and the potential for favorable total return outcomes for investors.

For our own account: our strategory has been able to create and maintain a diversified asset base that provides steady, predictable, and growing cash flows while being insulated against rising property operating expenses, regional recessiinos, industry-specific downturns and fluctuations in property values and market rent levels.

Key elements important to our strategy include:

  • Single credit-tenant, net-lease assets with long-term leases, 10+ years
  • Investment diversification for mitigating risk (transactions size: $3mm-$8mm)
  • Active portfolio and asset management for optimal operating results
  • Consistent capital recycling for improved portfolio quality and performance
  • Maintenance of a conservative balance sheet for financial flexibility

Property Investment Thesis:

With a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of assets under management, we are a reliable closer that acquires properties without financing contingencies. Investments may include single-tenant commercial properties within the United States leased to both investment-grade and non-investment-grade tenants.

Acquisition Criteria:

  • Investment grade or equivalent, single-tenant, free-standing triple net or double net lease assets
  • Lease Term: Target of 12 years and a minimum of 8 years of lease term remaining
  • Emphasis on recession resistant tenants and mission-critical locations at or above a 6.0% Cap Rate.
  • Single-tenant properties or portfolios, and properties where a single tenant accounts for most of the revenue
  • Leases are structured to incorporate a target annual rent escalation of 2-3% which if achieved should enhance the property‚Äôs cash flow during the hold period.
  • Targeting assets with a 6% cap rate or better
  • Industrial commercial property type
  • Minimum price target of $3-8 million

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