ATEL Capital Group is committed to providing the funding needed to fuel the growth of American industry. By maintaining our focus on financing business-necessary equipment, we have developed the resilience to respond quickly to the changing needs of our clients and grow in new directions. Today, ATEL provides everything from venture leasing for promising new firms, to large-scale equipment financing for some of the world's most respected corporations.

Our Mission

Care for our investors and help them achieve their financial objectives; serve our customers and help them achieve their business objectives; provide outstanding asset management through the integration of people, technology, and business systems.

As an international financial services company, ATEL Capital Group offers its clients an impressive array of financial solutions. Among our services are equipment leasing, asset-based lending, venture leasing, lease administration, and asset management. Since our founding in 1977, ATEL has developed broad access to the capital markets, including a network of more than 5,000 FINRA-registered broker-dealer firms through which we provide alternative investment capital to our corporate clients in the U.S. and abroad.

Family of Companies

The family of ATEL companies includes subsidiaries specifically dedicated to providing flexible equipment financing solutions for our corporate accounts, equipment vendors, lease brokers and banking institutions. These subsidiaries, supported by ATEL's capital market group, have since their inception, priced, structured, arranged, and funded billions of dollars of equipment financing transactions.

ATEL Corporate Brochure